Secure Base

Welcome to Secure Base!

Two years ago, Jennifer Simpson-Dahl and I (Susan Arnold) had a dream. We wanted to create a welcoming and healing environment for anyone seeking support for mental health issues. We wanted this environment to be free of judgment, shame, guilt, and stereotypes. We wanted to build an environment of compassion, understanding, education and healing.

Today, Secure Base is made up of some of the most knowledgeable, compassionate, empathetic, and hard working mental health professionals in southern Minnesota. Everyday, with their support, Jennifer and I have the great privilege to watch our dream grow!

The hope and purpose of this blog will be to share the insights and knowledge of our staff and colleagues. We hope this will be a platform to promote compassionate and knowledgeable mental health support through the lens of attachment theory and neurobiological research. It will be information useful to parents, caregivers, and professionals. Jennifer and I hope you will check back often! We look forward to sharing our dream with you.

Respectfully, Susan and Jennifer


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