Adults, children, couples, teens and whole families are feeling the effects of social distancing, stay-at-home orders, distance learning and the uncertainty of our future health and security. Many are suffering, and sometimes feel  alone and isolated. A trained therapist can be an integral part of your support system. 

Online Therapeutic Services

  • Online therapy

    • Adults

    • Couples

    • Teens

    • Children​

    • Families

  • Telephone Therapy

  • Online Play Therapy

  • Online Behavioral Skills for Children

  • Online Life Skills for Adults

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No one needs to go this alone

Online Therapy

Effective for All Ages

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"Play is the work of the child" 

 Maria Montessori

Play Therapy Online

Children learn, process their emotions and develop skills through play. Play therapy can help children who are struggling find balance again.


A therapist who utilizes play can help your child learn how to regulate their emotions, modify their behaviors, and express themselves in age- appropriate manner.


The therapist can also help parents make sense of problematic behaviors and offer guidance to develop and maintain a secure attachment between you and your child. 

Therapy Services at a Distance

What to expect:

  • Call or email to schedule an appointment.

  • Our helpful staff will set up the appointment for you and give you instructions for meeting your therapist online. 

  • Staff will also send you links to fill out paperwork that is required.

  • On the day of your appointment, you will follow the instructions and see your therapist on the screen.

Therapy Online

Online therapy has been shown to be as effective as in-person therapy.


What most of us need right now is a non-judgmental and compassionate listener who will be with us while we are struggling. 

A Secure Base Counseling Center therapist can meet you online in face-to-face meetings or listen to you on the phone.  Call or click the button to send an email message today! Help is available. Suffering alone is not necessary. 

Building Skills Online

Children who are struggling with problematic behaviors are often lacking the skills they need to behave better. 

Our team of trained Mental Health Practitioners and Paraprofessionals work with children to help them build skills. 

The skills are introduced in a playful manner, eliciting cooperation and engagement. The child will have fun with their worker and build the skills they need to be successful in relationships, academics and life.