Mental Health Behavioral Aide (Level 1)

Secure Base Counseling Center is hiring paraprofessionals to fill the role of Mental Health Behavioral Aide (Level 1). Qualified candidates must be 18 years or older and have a high school diploma, GED or two years of experience working with children with mental health disorders. Must complete orientation and training requirements (30 hours prior to employment).


This position could be located in any of Secure Base Counseling Center's offices in Northfield, Lakeville or New Prague.


  • Work directly with clients in home, in the community, in schools and in the office

  • Use their own vehicle to drive to the client to deliver services and transport clients to various work environments

  • Collaborate with the skills worker, therapists and clinical supervisors to create individual behavior plans for clients

  • Write progress notes for each client session

  • Attend mandatory weekly educational and case consultation meetings


Successful candidates must:

  • Enjoy working with a variety of people of all ages

  • Have the ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality

  • Be willing to work from an attachment perspective and with a team approach

Available Benefits

Secure Base Counseling Center is proud to provide the following benefits to our employees:

  • Paid vacation

  • Health insurance (Secure Base Counseling Center provides 50% of the employee's premium)

  • Vision coverage


Mental Health Behavioral Aides (Level 1) are paid $12 per contact hour.


Secure Base Counseling Center pays employees every two weeks. Paychecks include a statement detailing the sessions being paid. Travel reimbursement, if applicable, is paid every two weeks, along with payroll, at 40 cents per minute. Reimbursement for approved expenses will also be paid every two weeks, along with payroll.

Apply Now

To apply for this position, please email your resume, cover letter and three professional references to

All new employees at Secure Base Counseling Center (SBCC) are under an initial 90-day review period. If at any time during the first 90 days, either a representative of SBCC or the employee decides that work for this agency is not a good fit, employment will be terminated.

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