Kate McDonnell, MA, LMFT, GSP, RSMT

Kate McDonnell, MA LMFT GSP RSMT, is a licensed mental health professional providing psychotherapy to teens, adults, couples, and families, but is especially passionate about working with youth and young adults.


She is part of the LGBTQ community and a world traveler who aims to consciously consider multicultural issues, societal pressures, and spirituality among her clients.


She also specializes in chronic pain and medical issues. Being a differently-abled person herself, she can help clients cope with health issues through mindfulness and creative resilience. 

Kate uses a creative approach to anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, school difficulties, codependency, and other issues with expressive arts therapy, music, play, movement, and mindfulness to help her clients access resilience and strength.

She also has years of training in embodied mindfulness, including a certification in Global Somatics.

Kate earned her master’s degree in both Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy at Goddard College in Vermont.


Outside of her work at SBCC, Kate enjoys playing guitar and writing songs, learning Spanish, dancing, going for hikes, reading, swimming, biking, traveling, and hanging out in her hammock.