Groups offer support, education, opportunities for growth and powerful connections with others. Psychotherapy groups are a rich source of healing and skill building for people of all ages. 

Groups for Teens

Adolescent Group with DBT Skills

This group is for 13-17 year old clients who have a history of self-injury and/or suicidal ideation, and who have possible Borderline Personality Traits or Disorder. The groups consists of one hour of group interaction followed by one hour of DBT skills practice and psycho-education.

Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT) teaches: 

  • Mindfulness: the practice of being fully aware and present in the moment

  • Distress Tolerance: the ability to tolerate discomfort

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: positive communication skills, conflict resolution skills and perspective taking

  • Emotion Regulation: the ability to handle a variety of emotions in a effective manner

This group is active in the Northfield & New Prague office.

All groups are currently available online

Groups for Adults

Mens Group


A psychotherapy group designed to help Men with communication and peer support in dealing with mental health issues.

This group is currently offered at our Lakeville office. 

Women's Group 


A Psychotherapy group for women focusing on self-care skills and self-esteem with peer support. 

This group is offered at our Lakeville office.

Groups for Children

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills groups help children develop skills necessary to make and maintain friendships. Trained mental health practitioners lead children in activities that facilitate skills such as learning to share, conflict resolution, the use words to express their feelings rather than lashing out or isolating when upset, perspective taking and other pro-social skills that help us all thrive in our relationships. Skills groups are on going and open to new members.