Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) 

Secure Base Counseling Center has been certified by the State of Minnesota to provide CTSS services to children and their families since February 2013. Our Therapists, Skills Workers and Mental Health Behavioral Aides work as a collaborative team with parents and guardians to provide services that can get kids back on track and bring peace and joy back into family life. 

How It Works

You will meet with the therapist. The therapist will:

  • Conduct a diagnostic assessment

  • Develop an individual treatment plan with you

  • and your child

  • Recommend services

  • Conduct individual and family therapy

The therapist will ask:

  • Family history

  • History of the problem

  • Your child's strengths

  • Developmental history

  • and more!

You will work with the therapist to develop a plan. Your involvement in this process is essential.

A Skills Worker or Mental Health Behavioral Aide (MHBA) may be assigned to assist your child in developing the emotional and behavioral skills that need improvement. Their work will look like play - we assure you that very important skills are built through play!

The Team



You are the expert on your child and your family. Your involvement in this process is essential to seeing positive change.

Your Child

Your child will do the work by practicing new skills in play with you, the therapist and the skills worker or MHBA.

The Therapist

A master's level trained therapist will
assess for emotional and behavioral health issues, teach your child new ways to manage their behavior, offer you support and education, provide direction for the skills worker and/or MHBA.


The Skills Worker

The skills worker is a highly trained and experienced mental health practitioner who works under the supervision and direction of a licensed mental health professional. Their job is to teach and practice new skills with your child across environments and through the power of play.

The Mental Health
Behavioral Aide (MHBA)

The MHBA works under the direction of the therapist and the supervision of a licensed mental health professional to practice skills with your child though play.

All CTSS Services are currently available online

"Play is the beginning of knowledge"
George Dorsey