Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) 

When children struggle with mental health and behavioral issues new skills can be built in areas of anger management, social engagement, compliance with adult requests, organization, the ability to focus attention and other behavioral and emotional problems. Professional interventions from a counselor can help the child develop these new skills. Sometimes, one weekly meeting in the therapist's office or playroom is not enough to address these concerns. CTSS services include office visits with a therapist as well as time in the community or home with a trained worker who will assist the child in learning and practicing their new skills. 

Secure Base Counseling Center has been certified by the State of Minnesota to provide CTSS services to children and their families since February 2013. Our Therapists, Skills Workers and Mental Health Behavioral Aides work as a collaborative team with parents and guardians to provide services that can get kids back on track and bring peace and joy back into family life. 

To apply for employment at Secure Base Counseling Center please send cover letter and resume including professional references to

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