Certified Medical Assistant

The purpose of the Certified Medical Assistant is to provide administrative support and clinical support for psychiatric providers. Qualified candidates must hold a Medical Assistant degree. The Certified Medical Assistant reports to the CEO/COO.


This position could be located in any of Secure Base Counseling Center's offices in Northfield, Lakeville or New Prague.


  • Rotate through different areas of focus including rooming patients, phone work, prescription refill management and direct provider support

  • Accurately document vital signs and demographics

  • Receive calls, take messages left by clients and forward vital information to the provider

  • Immediately alert providers of crisis calls

  • Document voicemails and calls with clients and the orders from the provider

  • Return calls to clients in a timely manner

  • Fax/phone/e-prescribe medication prescriptions and refills per the provider’s order


Successful candidates must:

  • Be highly self-motivated and possess initiative to work independently, as well as have the ability to understand and carry out oral directives and written instructions

  • Understand and respect the confidential nature of the various reports, correspondence and information and have knowledge and interpretation skills relating to data privacy laws

  • Possess sufficient computer skills to proficiently work with a variety of computer programs and software

  • Have knowledge of mental health and psychiatric services

  • Promote and maintain a flexible, positive team-oriented and customer-focused attitude within and between departments

  • Review, understand, abide by and interpret the Employee Handbook, organizational chart and procedures applicable to employee’s roles

  • Solve problems and make decisions consistent with SBCC mission and be aligned with organizational philosophy, values and expectations

Problem Solving & Creativity

The opportunity for problem solving is inherent in this position. The employee must be able to usually resolve questions or problems. The employee gives guidance to other personnel in prioritizing workloads and resolving problems with which they need help. If problems cannot be resolved with knowledge, references or experience of other lead workers, the Clinical Administrator shall be consulted. If problems or questions are of technical or legal nature or involve extraordinary measures of confidentiality or financial involvement, they shall be referred to the Clinical Administrator. Creative approaches and measures are encouraged to resolve workload and work-related issues. The employee is encouraged to propose ideas to modify existing procedures if more efficient, effective systems are identified and meet organization expectations. The employee is expected to meet with support staff on a regular basis to determine if office needs are being met.

The employee must recognize the limitations of their role and how it impacts other roles. The employee must regularly communicate to the Clinical Administrator to report progress, challenges or needs. Problems without precedent are referred to the Clinical Administrator.

Available Benefits

Secure Base Counseling Center is proud to provide the following benefits to our employees:

  • Paid vacation

  • Health insurance (Secure Base Counseling Center provides 50% of the employee's premium)

  • Vision coverage


Secure Base Counseling Center pays employees every two weeks. Paychecks include a statement detailing the sessions being paid. Travel reimbursement, if applicable, is paid every two weeks, along with payroll, at 40 cents per minute. Reimbursement for approved expenses will also be paid every two weeks, along with payroll.

Freedom to Act

Employee is generally free to organize and prioritize own job duties, as well as assignments to other support staff, and knows where to refer people for assistance or guidance when necessary – or appropriately follows up to acquire a resolution. Employee works independently and with minimum supervision in carrying out necessary tasks. Employee is able to make decisions and answer questions using written resources such as the Employee Handbook, policy and other resources. In the rare event the Clinical Administrator is not available and the need is urgent, direct contact with the Clinical Director may be sought.


The responsibilities listed above describe the general nature and level of work performed by staff members assigned to this position. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of responsibilities required of this position. 

Apply Now

To apply for this position, please email your resume, cover letter and three professional references to careers@securebasecounselingcenter.com.

All new employees at Secure Base Counseling Center (SBCC) are under an initial 90-day review period. If at any time during the first 90 days, either a representative of SBCC or the employee decides that work for this agency is not a good fit, employment will be terminated.

This SBCC Employee Job Description is for informational purposes and is not a contract, nor is any portion of it a contract or a legal document. SBCC may change any portion at any time, and reserves the right to modify, revoke, suspend or change any or all plans, policies and procedures in whole or part, without notice. All employees shall be provided a copy of this document and indicate its receipt by signature. Employment with SBCC is employment at will. "Employment at will" means that employees may end their employment at any time for any reason; and that the employer (SBCC) may terminate employees at any time for any reason, with or without cause. Items not covered in this personnel policy are at the discretion of SBCC directors.

To apply for employment at Secure Base Counseling Center, please send cover letter and resume, including professional references to:


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